son of ira glasser
reverend peter fuhry
reverend fuhry is the originator of the beyond-o-matic name and policeman of it's philosophies. he is vocalist, and player of such instruments as the electric accordian, thebeatles, the long stiff finger of doom, the cross5 guitar, flute, melodion, harmonium, and whatever else he can get his grubby cheap fingers on. He very much believes in the concept of music without great expense of equipment, and favors finding instruments in society's trash bin, or building them out of refuse. he holds an extremely loose rein over the other players in a live situation and produces the beyond-o-matic recordings from the miles of jam tapes they produce. fuhry is a veteran of NY bands Page 83 and Johnny Skilsaw.
sign: taurus

drink stenzo
the former space king stenzel is a vocalist for a NYC hardcore band that was forcibly converted to keyboard player upon his arrival at jamaelot. He embraced the new role with aplomb, quickly turning his lack of musical knowledge into an advantage. showing a deft hand for random cheap keyboard arrangement, his keyboard area represents an array of intertwining cables, AC adaptors, milk crates and duct tape that reminds one of a charming european village. kurt's viking heritage has also served him well in the image department. as a player, stenzel sculpts subtle soundscapes that soar and divebomb through the full range of human hearing. his primary influences are jethro tull and devo.
sign: aquarius

glenn "free" wilcox
glenn "free" wilcox, formerly known as glenn "love" wilcox, is the original drummer/percussionist of beyond-o-matic. he very much embodied the spiritual nature of the group. often, he would sit for 20 minutes with his eyes closed, and then start to gentle tinkle on the cymbals and sing in his deep, calm voice. dubbed "the spiritual center of the universe" by reverend fuhry, glenn lent his music talents and attitude to the first two beyond-o-albums. at this point the reluctant space traveller returned to his ancestral home in rockland county to be nearer to his tribe. the spirit of glenn lives on and, by golly, will live again in beyond-o-matic. glenn was formerly cymbalist in the six and violence, space king's NYC hardcore band.
sign: libra

franktus evictus
franktus is the current percussionist of beyond-o-matic who has played more notes in a few months than glenn did in a few years. a "human percussion section", franktus whirls over the beyond-o-percusso-rig with emotion befitting a water sign like himself. a great listener and fully functional musician, frank brings his anarchist philosophies to bear on the sound. manifesting 35,000 years of homosapien insanity, franktus is bringing a new dimension to the beyond-o-sound. Also known as the artist formerly known as frank from ictus, franktus is currently working on a 45 minute extended work of humanifusion featuring an all star cast of bay area musicians.
sign: scorpio

david 'ginger' gresalfi
a professed lover of ginger and avid music collector and all-around guy with good taste, gresalfo rounds out the virgo contributor series with his nooding, vocalizing linndrumming and general presence during the "aquior" and current sessions. dave also directed and filmed the beyond-o-video for "@ the cusp" and is currently working with stenzo on the "edit the reverend" project. gresalfi has been a quiet presence for years, and afficianados of 80's synth pop will remember him as lead vocalist for "the earthlings" of "i know your sign" fame.
sign: virgo
sir joe power
sir joe is a frequent contributor to beyond-o-matic percussion. a loyal soldier who has filled in admirably during glenn's excursions and as supplement to glenn and franktus, joe is a solid musical presence and fine jamaelotian who added solid grooves to many beyond-o-moments. one of the triumvariate of virgo beyond-o-contributors. coinor of the beyond-o-saying "it is what it is". player on "sonic reclaimator". former member of bula matari and resin. current member of slender.
sign: virgo
mr. clarke
mr. clarke was a key contributor to the sonic reclaimator era beyond-o-matic. playing on several recordings, he infused life into an oft-depressed situation. player of the long stiff finger of doom and thebeatles, as well as vocalist. former head of boring sponge and bula matari. currently residing in brooklyn playing with key wilde. english bastard. convicted drug user.
sign: virgo
sam "spooge" morris
spooge, a professional photographer and reluctant(?) occasional contributor, has played percussion for beyond-o-matic a handful of times to great effect. an original jamaelotian and understandor of the beyond-o-way, spooge shot the back cover photo for 'the flight of luis garcia', and played percussion on the victoria theatre gig and the cocodrie gig in april of 96. sam employed his drum corps background during these excursions into the audio world. also ownor of computaelot.
sign: taurus